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Canyons School District Calendar 2024-2025 (Holiday Breaks)

For the students and teachers of Canyons School District, a calendar preview is shared here for the academic year 2024-2025. Canyons School District Calendar is an important document that allow students to keep a check on academic dates and plan for the important academic events. Canyons School District is a is a school district in the southeastern portion of Salt Lake County in Utah, great option for families or parents for the study and education of their kids. The school district focuses on providing the high quality instructions and prepare students to navigate through challenges that comes their way.

You must have a printed or digital copy of school calendar with you in order to keep a check on the dates of academic events, school holidays, exam dates, etc. Canyons School District has released the school calendar for academic year 2024-2025.

Canyons School District Holiday Calendar 2024-2025

The school calendar of Canyons School District features many holiday breaks. The dates of major holiday breaks are specified in a table below along with the dates of first and last day of school. For the school year 2024-2025, the schools are starting in the month of August 2024 and ending in the month of May 2025. In between these months, there are many academic events and holidays. Refer to the school calendar for complete information.

First Day of SchoolMon, 19 Aug 2024
Fall BreakThu, 17 Oct 2024Mon, 21 Oct 2024
Thanksgiving BreakWed, 27 Nov 2024Fri, 29 Nov 2024
Christmas BreakMon, 23 Dec 2024Fri, 3 Jan 2025
Mid Winter BreakFri, 17 Jan 2025Mon, 20 Jan 2025
Spring BreakMon, 7 Apr 2025Fri, 11 Apr 2025
Last Day of SchoolFri, 30 May 2025

Canyons School District Calendar 2024-2025

The school district has plan out the entire school year very strategically. The dates are allocated to each academic event and there are set dates for holiday breaks as well. The school system uses a school calendar as a communication tool to convey the important academic and holiday dates to students, teachers, staff, and parents. The preview of Canyons School District Calendar is shared below for the academic year 2024-2025.

Canyons School District Calendar

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Canyons School District Important Dates

Below we have covered some of the most commonly asked questions related to the academic and holiday dates.

Q. What is Canyons School District First Day and Last Day for Students 24-25?

Ans. The first day of the school is Mon, 19 Aug 2024 and the last day is Fri, 30 May 2025.

Q. What are the dates of Canyons School District Thanksgiving Break 2024-25?

Ans. The thanksgiving break dates are from Wed, 27 Nov 2024 to Fri, 29 Nov 2024.

Q. What are the dates of Canyons School District Christmas/Winter Break 2024-25?

Ans. The Christmas break dates are from Mon, 23 Dec 2024 to Fri, 3 Jan 2025

Q. What are the dates of Canyons School District Spring Break 2024-25?

Ans. The fall break dates are from Mon, 7 Apr 2025 to Fri, 11 Apr 2025

About Canyons School District

Canyons School District is known for providing good education to diverse students within a secure learning environment. The school district offers endless opportunities to students to pursue their passion. Canyons has approximately 34,000 students in 50 schools. The vision of the school system is to prepare students and make them ready for good career ahead.

School calendar is an official academic schedule and all academic events or holidays take place as per the dates mentioned in a school calendar. Students, teachers, and parents must pay attention to it and plan their days accordingly.

Important Note: is not the official website of any school, this is just an informational website that provides information related to school calendars and holidays. Do check your school’s official website for an up-to-date and updated school calendar.

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