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Harnett County Schools Calendar 2024-2025 (Holiday Breaks)

The school system of Harnett County Schools has released the official school calendar on the official website of school, a preview of school calendar is shared here along with the download links. If you are a part of this school system then make sure to download Harnett County Schools Calendar and start planning your academic work activities in an efficient manner. A school calendar includes the important dates such as start and end of the school year, examination dates, holidays, breaks, and other significant events.

Through this post, you can get to know about the start and end dates of Harnett County Schools, spring break dates in Harnett County Schools, Winter break dates in Harnett County Schools, and other important dates. Make sure to download and print a school calendar for your use.

Harnett County Schools Holiday Calendar 2024-25

As per the school calendar, the first day of the school is Wed, 14 Aug 2024 and the last day is Fri, 23 May 2025. Between these two dates, there are plenty of holiday breaks such as thanksgiving break, Christmas/winter break, spring break, etc. Check out the table below to see the dates of holiday breaks.

2024-2025 Major Holidays

School HolidaysStartsFinishes
First Day of SchoolWed, 14 Aug 2024
Thanksgiving BreakWed, 27 Nov 2024Fri, 29 Nov 2024
Christmas BreakMon, 23 Dec 2024Mon, 6 Jan 2025
Spring BreakFri, 18 Apr 2025Fri, 25 Apr 2025
Last Day of SchoolFri, 23 May 2025

2023-2024 Major Holidays

School HolidaysStartsFinishes
First Day of School28 Aug 2023
Thanksgiving Break22 Nov 2023
24 Nov 2023
Christmas Break22 Dec 2023
5 Jan 2024
Mid Winter Break15 Jan 2024
16 Jan 2024
Spring Break29 Mar 2024
5 Apr 2024
Last Day of School31 May 2024

Harnett County Schools Calendar 2024-2025

A school calendar serves as a communication tool between the school board and students, teachers, parents, etc. It provides information about important academic dates, events, and holidays. Please note that every school district has its own school calendar. Below you can see a preview of Harnett County Schools Calendar for the academic year 2024-2025. Check out the links below to download and print your school calendar.

Harnett County Schools Calendar

Download Links:

Harnett County Schools Important Dates

Below we have covered some of the most commonly asked questions related to the academic and holiday dates.

Q. When Does Harnett County Schools First Day and Last Day 2024-25?

Ans. The first day of the school is Wed, 14 Aug 2024 and the last day is Fri, 23 May 2025

Q. When is Harnett County Schools Christmas/Winter Break 2024-25?

Ans. The Christmas break dates are from Mon, 23 Dec 2024 to Mon, 6 Jan 2025

Q. When is Harnett County Schools Spring Break 2024-25?

Ans. The fall break dates are from Fri, 18 Apr 2025 to Fri, 25 Apr 2025

About Harnett County Schools

Harnett County Schools is a PK–12 graded school district serving Harnett County, North Carolina, United States. The school system serves the students in Harnett County, providing educational services for students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The district operates a number of elementary, middle, and high schools where quality education is provided to all students in a secure learning environment.

As a student, you must have a copy of your school calendar with you. Learn the skill of planning your time and academic work activities to maximise academic work productivity.

Important Note: is not the official website of any school, this is just an informational website that provides information related to school calendars and holidays. Do check your school’s official website for an up-to-date and updated school calendar.

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