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Kenton County Schools Calendar 2024-2025 | KCSD Calendar

Here we have shared a school calendar preview of Kenton County Schools for the academic year 2024-2025 and talked about the major holiday breaks. If you are a part of this school district then make sure to have a look at a school calendar for this academic year. You can download or print the school calendar from here. It is important to note that a school calendar is one of the most important documents for students, teachers, staff, and parents. As a student, you must plan your personal and academic schedule by keeping a school calendar into consideration.

Kenton County Schools Holiday Calendar 2024-2025

First Day of SchoolWed, 14 Aug 2024
Fall BreakFri, 4 Oct 2024Mon, 7 Oct 2024
November BreakMon, 4 Nov 2024Tue, 5 Nov 2024
Thanksgiving BreakWed, 27 Nov 2024Fri, 29 Nov 2024
Christmas BreakMon, 23 Dec 2024Fri, 3 Jan 2025
March BreakFri, 14 Mar 2025Mon, 17 Mar 2025
Spring BreakMon, 7 Apr 2025Fri, 11 Apr 2025
Last Day of SchoolThu, 22 May 2025

It is not possible to imagine a school year with holidays. Holidays are an important part of a student’s life, still we often neglect the importance of holiday breaks. Holidays allow students to rest, relax, have fun, do something productive other than academics, spend time with family, and re-energize for another academic session. Check out the table above to see the dates of holiday breaks for Kenton County Schools in Kentucky.

Kenton County Schools Calendar 2024-2025

Kenton County Schools Calendar contains the official academic schedule that has been prepared by the school system very strategically. A good school calendar is the one where there are proper instructional days , holiday days, reporting days, etc. The preview of school calendar is shared below along with the download links. If you are a student in Kenton County Schools then make sure to download or print a school calendar and begin the process of planning your entire academic year.

Kenton County Schools Calendar

Download Links:

About Kenton County Schools

Kenton County Schools is a school district in Kenton County, Kentucky. This school district is committed to provide world class education to all students, prepares them for the 21st Century so they can navigate through challenges that may come their way. Highly qualified and experienced teachers are a part of this school district who are dedicated to ensure every child reaches his or her maximum learning potential.

The tagline of Kenton County Schools is “It’s About ALL Kids” i.e. students are the utmost priority and their growth is the ultimate goal of a school system. All students are inspired to learn when provided rigorous, relevant, innovative and creative learning opportunities in a positive environment.


To sum up, Kenton County Schools Calendar is an academic document that you cannot miss specially if you are a student. A school calendar is your helping guide when it comes to planning for school work activities. Make sure to have a printable or digital version of a school calendar with you in order to know what’s happening in schools and what are the upcoming major academic events or holiday dates.

Important Note: is not the official website of any school, this is just an informational website that provides information related to school calendars and holidays. Do check your school’s official website for an up-to-date and updated school calendar.

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