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Project Planning Templates for Students & Teachers (PDF, Word)

Students have multiple academic projects to manage within a school year. Executing a project is like an impossible task without a well developed project plan. A project plan is work plan of the entire project that is designed in such a way so that the desired goals or objectives are achieved at the end. A project planner is required for project planning and that’s why here we have shared project plan templates that are designed for the use of students and teachers as well.

With the help of project planning templates, you can give a proper structure to your plans. It is important to write down your plan in a proper format in order to execute it properly. A well written project plan allows you to execute it well and accomplish the desired goals or objectives. All students who have some academic work project are advised to use the planner template shared below.

What is a project plan?

A project plan is a formal document that is used to manage and control a project. Everything is written on the planner related to the project. The whole purpose of making a project plan is to make the work execution smooth and error free. A project plan contains the information like what work needed to be done, what’s the timeline for work, etc.

The project planning includes;

  • Setting goals or objectives
  • Identifying deliverables
  • Schedule planning
  • Making supportive plans

Work planning is absolutely necessary when working on any project. It’s almost impossible to accomplish the desired objectives without proper work planning and planning should be done in advance because last minute work planning often leads to confusion and chaos.

Download Project Planner Template in Printable Format

Project Planner Template

Download PDF

How to Create an Academic Project Plan?

Step 1: Set Goals

Firstly, you need to figure out your goals or objectives. Make sure to set right goals for yourself and plan accordingly. Your goals should be realistic and achievable, there is no point in setting goals which are impossible to achieve or way out of your league.

Step 2: Spend Time to Research

Do a proper research of the project before starting to plan the work. You should be well aware of the project. Understand the scope and value of your project and then begin the process of make a work schedule for it.

Step 3: Prioritise Work

Learn to prioritise work on the basis of its importance. Give highest priority to important work. We often spend a lot of time on doing things which aren’t that much important. Eliminate all the work distractions and focus purely on your work.

Step 4: Project Schedule

Make a project schedule for the series of tasks you need to perform. Allocate time duration to each task and make sure to accomplish it during that time frame only. Make sure to stick to the work plan.


A project planner template is a document that allows you to plan your project in an effective manner. On this page you can find out the planner template, all you need to do is download a template, make the necessary changes, add your project details, and start using it.

Work execution is the important aspect when working on a project. It is important to execute the plan properly in order to ensure smooth working. Execution may fail due to lack of work planning, therefore, make sure to plan your work well in order to execute it well. Now you have an access of the project planning template, if you need more such templates then keep checking this site.

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