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To Do List Template Printable – Free Download

Student’s life is a hectic or busy life, there are so many things that a student needs to take care of. There are a lot of stuff to do and it becomes hard to keep track of all tasks and work activities, this is why here we have shared to do list templates that can be used by students and teachers for planning their daily work activities. With the help of a to do list template, you can prioritize your work in order to make an effective work schedules. As a student, you must learn and understand the importance of work planning and tracking. For your convenience here we have shared planning templates for free download in a printable format.

Keep a check on daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and assignments could be a daunting task. For the convenience of students, we’ve provided a to do list template that can be used to plan work for the entire month. Students may use these templates for planning and tracking their academic work activities. Similarly, teachers may use them for planning or tracking their teaching work schedules.

Should I Use a Printable To Do List Templates?

The answer is Yes. If you want to get more organized and focused then you should definitely use a to do list template. Everyone can benefit from organizing their work in a right manner. As a student, you must have a work planner that is well organized, your work planning should be top notch in order to accomplish all your desired academic work goals or objectives. Different type of to do list templates are available such as daily to do list, weekly to do list, and monthly to do list. You can choose to download any template as per your need or requirement.

Using a to do list is simple and you can easily make one for yourself with the help of a template shared below. Learn the art of prioritising your daily work and get close to accomplishing your goals or objectives in a timely manner.

Download To Do List Template Printable

To Do List Template Printable


What are the Benefits of having To Do List Checklist Template?

The basic purpose of using a to do list is to make a list of work that is needed to be done. Use weekly to do list checklist template to plan your weekly work and make sure to check the list at the end of week to see whether all the work is done or not. Download a simple to do list template to get more organized in life. There are numerous benefits of to do list checklist, some of them are listed below:

  • you can prioritise work on the basis of its importance
  • you can easily schedule or make a list of work to be done within minutes
  • it saves a lot of time that goes into thinking because you already know what to do
  • you will be able to complete the work in a systematic and timely manner
  • The template makes the work of framing the checklist easy and also saves a lot of time

Templates are a huge time saviour because making such a to do list from scratch may consume a lot of time and efforts. In order to save time of our users, here we have shared planning templates for free download in a printable format. Please note that many useful planning templates are shared on this site for students and teachers apart from the school calendars.


There are so many things going on in a student’s life be it academic work, personal work, sports, extracurricular activities, assignments, projects, etc. Planning and keeping a track of so many things is a huge task and this is where you need to make a to do list in order to list down the work that’s needed to be done within a week or a month.

Students and teachers often find themselves occupied by tasks and work all the time. Proper work planning is necessary in order to ensure the work is happening smoothly without any errors or mistakes. Use to do list check list in order to organize your work and tasks and learn how to prioritize your work in an efficient manner.

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